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C4T Summary

Dean Shareski,

"When Data and Numbers Ruin the Game"

Dean Shareski explain in the post how people thinks about the data and total number of points of game more then having fun. He also states that sports in general has become data obsessed.

My comment:

In my comment I stated that I agreed with his post and that it's a lot of people that worry about how many points they score then having fun. 

Edna Sackson

"Planning For an Inquiry into Digital Citizenship"

Edna explains in this post about how teachers should have their lessons modern and making sure the students aren't taught the ways their parents were. She explains that it's important for students to be able to do what they know.

My Comment:

In my comment I told her that I agree that students should be taught differently then their parents were. Also I told her that future educators should read this post.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Blog Post 5 Part B


Throughout my experience in EDM 310 my Personal Learning Network has gained. Starting off, I only networked with my current instructors and family. Now I'm networking with many other teachers around the world through blogs and also through family. The new people that I've encounter have helped me tremendously throughout this process. I know my PLN list will only get longer the more I get involved with putting myself out there to meet people.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


"Brennan M's Blog"

In Brennan post, she talked about her favorite character from Pokemon which is Red. She also uploaded a video about the character.

My Comment:

I explained to Brennan how I used to love Pokemon. I also told her to keep up the good work in school and that her post was great.

"Sean M's Blog"

In Sean blog post he gave a sneak peek about "Dead Yet Alive". He also gave a descriptive summary of it.

My Comment:

I told Sean that his post was very descriptive and asked if it was from a story he read.


Blog Post #14

List of  Problems

  •  Unqualified Teacher recommendation more programs to educate teachers 
  • Seniority Distraction  recommendation promote on efficiency rather then seniority
I agree with Albert Shanker unqualified teachers is a problem in the United States. I think he nailed it on the head when he stated that we need to hold our educators to the high standards that we set for professions such as a doctor or lawyer. If America had more programs to educate and prepare  teachers before becoming full-time educators, they are able to prepare students for life. Also, if America had these programs there will be fewer than "23 states boast a single program that provides solid math preparation  resembling the practices of high-performing nations."

The Seniority distraction has plagued our education system long enough. I think seniority obligation is a problem. As Mr. Albert Shanker point out, if there were lay-offs the decision to let go of a teacher will not be based on their effectiveness to expand the mind of their students to become critical thinkers. I also think that seniority is a distraction because just as in college some educators become lackadaisical once they reach tenure because they have job security. If we have a system that rewards are educators for effectiveness, I think America can become #1 again in math and science.

In Conclusion:

Having a educator that are prepared to teach children is important. Teachers mold children into becoming leaders and help them grow. It's important for an educator to be able to understand a child mind and uplift them in a time of need.



"NCTQ Teacher Prep"

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Blog Post 13

What Did I Leave Out? 


What are some advices and tips that future educators can use to become successful in their career?

Go through the sites and videos that I've provided for you and talk about some of the advices and tips that you will use and how it will help in your blog post.

Sites & Videos:

 "Student Teaching Tips & Advice"

"How To Be An Excellent Teacher"

"What Makes Great Teachers"

Also in your post explain new advices and tips that you will give educators to use for there classroom.

In the "Student Teaching Tips & Advice" site it gives many advices and tips to become a great educator. Teachers should be original and unique. Students will get tired of learning the same way and also doing the same old activities. Teachers needs to also know how to have fun when giving their lessons. If a teacher is not excited about teaching, why should a child be excited about learning. It's important to think about what the students in your class likes and how you will include it in your daily activities.

In "How To Be An Excellent Teacher" video she also explains ways to be an excellent teacher. Some of the advices she gives are:
                                          (1). Be Relaxed
                                          (2). Set Goals
                                          (3). Creative
                                          (4). Demonstrate Empathy

In " What Makes Great Teachers" video, a news reporter show what goes on in elementary classrooms and how teachers get their students motivated. The teachers go over their lessons by using real-life experiences and they also teach the students in a way that's fun.

Project 12 Part B

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Project 10 Interview Movie

Ms. Young
2nd Grade Teacher
Brantley Elementary School

C4T # 3

Ben Jones
Reflections on Teaching and Learning Through Technology

"Bring Your Own Ideas"

In this post, Ben talks about students bringing their own technology/device to school. This was just an idea that he got from someone and he decided to give it a chance in his class. The students will use the device that he ask to bring to class in there lessons.

My Comment:

I like the topic about, "BYOD/T". I never thought about this idea even, but their are some pros and cons to both. The links that you provided had valid points. Students will not be equal in ways, depending on their circumstances. It's a great idea but with many disadvantages.

In this post, Ben talks about how teachers and other professionals can link together to help each other. Teachers doesn't always have the right answer with dealing students and improving their outcomes.

My Comment:

My name is Porscha Sellers and I'm a student at the University of South Alabama. I think everyone can help each other in becoming a better learner and educator. The main focus is about the students gaining the educational foundation they need. It's important that we all grow and have a great outcome. 

"Anyone Can Lead From Negative"

In this post, Ben talks about the strategies that people can use to be more positive. He gives examples of leading from both negative and positive.

My Comment:

My name is Porscha Sellers and I attend the University of South Alabama. I think this blog post is much needed. A lot of people are so negative and most don't know how to have a positive mindset. Very useful information!!

Blog Post # 12

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Project # 14 Lesson Plan # 2

Johnny Appleseed Project

Blog Post 11

What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning From These Teachers?

Throughout the videos that have been provided, their is much information to learn from these educators. 

"Back To The Future", is a video that educator Brian Crosby talks about what goes on in his class and how he teaches differently from the past. Crosby, gives many great examples of project based learning. He doesn't believe his students should be limited. This goes on to the story about one of his students having leukemia. Many of the administrators explained to him about how the little girl gets very ill when she comes to school due to her weak immune system and she will be unattended majority of the time. Mr. Crosby knew that it was another way to solve the problem and to not let the little girl be left out from class participation. His idea was to Skype the student daily during class time to get her involved, the idea was a success and the student was motivated. He talked about not having students be raced through school but to give them the opportunity. The student's in his class also blog and write stories daily, which builds their writing skills. It's so much that educators/future educators can learn from Mr. Crosby because he strongly believes in honoring the students and making sure they learn.

In the "Blended Learning Cycle" video, Paul Anderson talks about what Blended Learning Cycle is about and how he use it towards science projects. Moving forward, Blended Learning Cycle is taking the compelling parts of online, mobile, and classroom learning; blended together in the classroom. The learning cycle consists of the "5 E's", which are Engage, Expand, Evaluate, Explore and Explain. He also talks about the six parts to Mind Blended Learning steps , which are Question, Investigate/Inquiry, Video, Elaboration, Review and Summary/Quiz. Paul way of teaching is to get his students to think and to reflect and interpret what they have learned, which is a great way to see if the student is successful with the lesson.

"Making Thinking Visible"

In this video, Mark Church make the students think and elaborate on what they have learned. The students watched a video about early human beginnings, which is the topic they are to talk about. The students are split into small groups and they are asked to write a headline about what they've learned. After the headlines are completed they are to present them and it will be hung around the classroom. This gives the students the opportunity to work in groups and to also be creative.

"Super Digital Citizen"

Sam Pane, a 5th grade teacher talks about how to be "A Good Digital Citizen". "A Good Digital Citizen", is when a person research materials safely on the web. First off, he gets his students motivated by telling them a quote from spider man; which is "With great power comes great responsibility". He explained to them that they are responsible for researching through the web safely. He came up with a project, which the students had to create a superhero that showed ways of not being "A Good Digital Citizen". The students were then asked to do a Gallery Walk, which they walk around each student project to see their ideas. This also gives them more ideas on being safe on the web as well. Sam also talks about how he likes when a project is more about the students because it makes it more meaningful to them. It was also neat that each student had their on individual MacBook. Sam teaching makes the students more intrigued and creative. He makes the students think on their own without limiting them.

"Project Based Learning"
In this video it talks about 3 teachers blending History and English together using Project Based Learning. This gives a way for the students to have deeper understanding and to be more engaged. By doing this the teachers were able to make the classes longer, which helps the teachers teach more materials and to make sure the students review and understand each project/assignment they are given. The extended time also gives the opportunity to blend ideas, get deeper into learning, and the teachers to give quality feedback to the students. Students are able to make their projects better and have a longer time to go deeper into the project to bring out more ideas. The students are also able to learn more then just their curriculum, they are able to learn about life lessons and understanding about what goes on in their country. I like the ideas that each teacher gives, which will help students to not rush assignments/projects that they are given. It makes them see it more meaningful and relatable.

"Roosevelt Elementary"

In this video it talks about how the teachers of Roosevelt Elementary blend Project Based Learning with their curriculum. Many of the teachers and parents liked that the students are able to learn how to work in groups, which can build their social skills that they will need throughout life. The students are willing and excited to learn because their lessons are more relatable to real life experiences. It's also great that the community and parents are all involved in the growth of the students. I like Project Based Learning because it helps the students to make their lesson more meaningful to them and they are able to be creative.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blog Post 10

What Can We Learn From Mrs. Cassidy?

In the video "Little Kids, Big Potential", Mrs. Cassidy shows what goes on in her classroom through technology. The students are able to network and blend many lessons by working with the class computers. Daily, the students post what they have done in class through their blogs. The family members and also friends of the students, post comments on many posts that the students have. Mrs. Cassidy taught the students to write meaningful and nice comments to their peers as well. Through this, the students are able to construct wikis and learn meaningful information during their wiki project. Another fun project that the students' are able to do, is use Skype to chat with other students and teachers around the world. The student's of Mrs. Cassidy class seems to enjoy the creative way they are able to learn.

In the video "Cassidy 13 Part1", "technology is here to stay", is the quote that Mrs. Cassidy used the most. She explain that around ten years ago is when she started blending technology with her classroom curriculum. As years went on, she went from just having a webpage alone to having a class blog and using many other programs in her class. It's important to her that as an educator, we shouldn't limit students to what was taught many years ago. She believes that all teachers should be technologically literate and to have a diverse teaching base. Parents also have an advantage with students working on computers. Such as, the parents being able to keep track of what their child is doing and to also see how well they are improving their writing skills. The students love that they get to Skype with student's from Universities and know that someone is actually looking at what they have posted on blogs.

"Mrs. Cassidy Interview Part 2"

Mrs. Cassidy stress the importance of Personal Learning Networks in this video. Benefits of having social medias as an educator, such as: Twitter, and more.
 (1). Learning about other useful programs for the classroom
 (2). Getting answer to things you do not know
 (3). Meeting other educators around the world
 (4). Helping other upcoming educators
 (5) Getting tips on how to teach certain lessons in the classroom

"Mrs. Cassidy Interview Part3"

In this video, previous students from EDM 310 asked Mrs. Cassidy questions. One of the questions that was asked, "is how do Mrs. Cassidy keep the students safe from looking at materials other than for education. In her answer, she explained how she keeps the students safe by not letting them post their last name and as well as images of themselves. She also gives proper instructions of what the students should click on or go to, to do their lessons.

Everything that Mrs. Cassidy went over and how she teaches was useful information. I like how the students are able to set up wikis. Which will be a project that I will consider giving my students in my future class. By them being able to learn information on their own through their wiki projects is very useful. Blogging is another fun activity that I will give my students. They will be able to network with many other students and also their peers, which will be fun to them. Proper instructions, guidance, and getting the parents involved will make these activities have a positive outcome for the students and also myself as an educator.

C4K Post for October

Bella's Blog

What Kids Should Be Able To Decide

Bella talked about in her post about changing the time the students' have for lunch and also to switch classes. She explained, that the student's do not have enough time to switch class when they have to use the restroom or handle other personal issues.

My Comment

Hello Bella, 
My name is Porscha Sellers and I attend the University of South Alabama. I thought your post was very interesting. I do think that you all should have some say and to how the school is operated. I do remember those days when I had to rush to my next class in order to make the bell. I agree, time should be extended for you guys because anything can happen. Maybe the students’ of the school should come up with a survey of some sort to reach out to the administrators of the school to let them know about the problems. I hope everything works out for you. If you will ever like to search through my blog, click on the link Porscha’s Blog

"Tessa's Blog"

All About Me

In Tessa's blog she described the characteristics about herself. She also talked about her hobbies and favorite animal. 

My Comment

My name is Porscha Sellers and I attend the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed reading your "All About Me" post. My favorite animal is a dog as well. Which I have a little yorkie name Chloe that's four years old. Keep up the Good Work in your classes!!

Thank you Mikaila and Christopher 

In this post, Chloe thanked her two friends for drawing two beautiful pictures for her. The two pictures that they drew were a pink bunny and flower.

My Comment

Hello Chloe'

The drawings that your friends did for you were pretty, that was nice of them. It's very thoughtful of you to write your friends thanking them. Pink is a pretty color, my favorite color is red. Thanks for your post.

"Henry's Blog"

Art as Backgrounds

In this post, Henry posted two paintings of what life was like in the 1800's.

My Comment

Hello Henry,
My name is Porscha Sellers and I'm a student at the University of South Alabama. I was wondering if you drew the picture that is in the top left corner? If so, great drawing. Keep doing great in school. 

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Blog Post 9

What Can Teachers and Students Teach Us About Project Based Learning? 

As a student and a future educator, I found that Project Based Learning can be kind of tricky but great in many ways. PBL gives students a chance to tackle with many complex and open-ended questions, which gives a chance for the students to be creative. Students should not be refrained from in-depth work, which is what Project Based Learning is all about.

In the article Educational Leadership, it states that students must see the PBL activity personally meaningful and with an educational purpose, which will lead to a great project. Their are seven essentials to Project Based Learning, which are:

(1) A Need To Know
    - This first essential to project based learning is when the students are intrigued about what the teacher has brought to their attention. The teacher will come up with a creative way to get the students to want to know about the upcoming project they will work on.
(2) A Driving Question
    - The driving question is the focus point on starting the project and what to research. The question should not be closed ended. Closed-ended questions will lead to the students providing less information for the activity.
(3)Student Voice and Choice
  - This element is key for the students because they should come up with a project that is meaningful to them personally. This helps to keep the students intrigued and more involved with the activity.
(4) 21st Century Skills
  - Students should not be stuck in the old way of learning. This element helps the students to have more diversity in their project. The skills that go towards this are: communication, critical thinking, technology skills, and more.
(5) Inquiry and Innovation
  - In this stage, students come up with new driving questions and they also research more.
(6) Feedback and Revision
  - In this stage, the students look over the rubric that the teacher provided for the project to make sure they have what is needed. The teacher should critique the work and provide any necessary criticism.
(7) A Publicly Presented Product
  - This stage is when the students present their project to an audience that the teacher has provided for them.

The Youtube video, "Project Based Learning for Teachers," provides the viewer with important background information on project based learning. Teachers can meet required standards even with using Project Based Learning. This just gives the students a fun way to learn. PBL also entails those life skills that are needed, such as: communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and much more. It also gives the students an opportunity to work over an extended period time to learn meaningful information. Overall, PBL is beneficial to teachers and students.

The video, "What Motivates Students Today", shows clips of students sharing what motivates them to do better in school. As shown, great criticisms and also punishments help to strive the students on bettering what they lack in. Giving rewards is also another factor that helped the students be motivated. Overall, having a motivator will help students to actually try to achieve their goals.

In the video, Two students solve the case of the watery ketchup by designing a new cap, two seniors from North Liberty High School came up with ways to stop watery ketchup. The students brainstormed and drafted out many ideas to fix their problem. The two didn't limit themselves, they even went as far into drafting images on a software that was provided from their class. It took the students a year to come up with the project but they kept focused. The idea in the end actually worked.

Project Based Learning should be taught everywhere. It gives students to expand their ideas, creativity, and also knowledge. Nevertheless, it gives them those essentials towards life skills.

 a boy holding two thumbs up

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Implications and Teaching Opportunities for Camera Use in Teaching and Learning.

Implications and Teaching Opportunities for Camera Use in Teaching and Learning.


In the recent study in, Zogby Analytics shows how technology changed in time. As far as the difference in technology today, many people are able to do much more with it. I think that many people will comply that smartphones rule the world today. Smartphones has also went up in sells tremendously since the early 2000's, more than computers. With the new and approve apps that are available to smartphone users, it allows them to do many things as to not needing a camera and or computer.

With students' and teachers' having the use of technology such as: smartphones, iPads, and cameras makes them be more creative with lessons that are given.  I think that the students' are more technology friendly than the teachers. This will create teachers as being learners as well. Students' and teachers' can also network with many people through their smartphones. One of the many things that I use from my Smartphone, is emailing. I think by far, emailing from a phone is the most convenient tool that was created. Meanwhile their are many more resourceful tools to get the students going through education.


A smartphone can be used in many ways besides talking on it. Educationally, smartphones and also iPads have been blended in the curriculum throughout the school systems. Students' are able to do projects on an iPad while also researching materials as well. They can do many screenshots and take pictures on both resources to go into any lessons that are given. The students' can also create book trailers on an AR book they are reading. I think this project will help the students' retain the information better in order to pass their AR test. Their are many other activities and lessons that the teachers' can provide for the students' blending technology.

Students' Using Technology in the Classroom

C4T #2 Post #2

Around the

Friday, September 26, 2014

Zombies Inspire @evernote @postachio #writing #edtech

In this post, it explains what teachers' can use for new writing ideals to give their students'. In the links he provided, it gave different writing ideas that student's can use to be intrigued and get inspired. Next, he provided three steps to adapt writing ideas and lessons with technology. Which were: Explore the Writing Idea or Lesson, Connect and Collaborate, Media-Size It. 

In the comment that I provided; I stated that, this is very beneficial for teachers as well as students'. Coming up with interesting ideas to write about can be tricky. I also like the sites that were provided as far as helping with ideas that students' can use. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Book Review: Deadly Odds (Updated 10/4/2014)

In this post, he talks about an email he received about a book called "Deadly Odds" by Allen Wyler. In the email to him, it explains how they are raising awareness for the book to be published in October and they sent him an Ebook copy of it. The book is about a young computer genius, whose hacking skills get him involved in a web international terrorism. This is book is considered to be very suspenseful. 

In the comment that I provided; I stated that the book seems to be very interesting and how I love suspenseful books. I can't wait to actually read a copy of it. 

Deadly Odds Book

Blog Post # 8

What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning From Randy Pausch?

In watching the video, Achieving Your Childhood Dreams, I learned many powerful quotes about never giving up on my dreams and goals.

First off, Randy Pausch explained as a child he had many dreams, as many of us do. The main obstacle for him, is how will these dreams be achieved. Pausch explained, that if he couldn't make it one way, their was always a back up plan to get closer to his dreams. "Brick walls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things", an amazing quote that Pausch used. In explaining, many people can want something and want to achieve a goal but the wall is for people who doesn't put forth the effort in doing so.

Randy Pausch then went on to explain how we should give others a chance. We never really know someone true colors if we just give up on them and don't stick around. Which came to a story that stood out to me about Dennis, he was one of Pausch students' that had a negative reputation. Pausch kept his loyalty and never gave up on him when others had. Now Dennis is over one of the programs, ALICE and doing wonderful with it.

Towards the end, Pausch gave some great tips to go by. As far as getting people to help you: tell the truth, be earnest, apologize when you screw up, and to also focus on others, instead of yourself. Other tips to go by personally: when you get feedback listen to it instead of being defensive, show gratitude, don't complain, work hard, and be prepared.

This video is one of the best motivating videos I have watched by far. It also show's as for myself, I shouldn't have any excuses in achieving my dreams.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Project 7 Part B As A Teacher

Project 13


This is our lesson plan for a 1st grade class learning about the classifications of animals (vertebrae only). The class will be split into groups and will each be given a specific group to research throughout a week. After gathering pictures and facts each group will place their information into the class blog from which they will present their presentation.

Our Project Based Learning exercise deals with the different animal classifications. The students' will do their research on an iPad, using a kid friendly search engines. The students' will be broken up into five groups and they will each get a classification. This project will take a week to complete. On day five the students will work collectively with graphing and they will take a survey, telling what their favorite presentation was. 

Animal Classification Project Calender Rubric

Blog Post 7


To become a great educator, it's important to make sure the students' are being exposed to many learning materials and sources that they can use besides textbooks. It's a priority for me as a future educator to learn many networks and tools to make learning enjoyable for my student's. It's never good to limit students' to the basic method of learning. 

My Weaknesses:
As for my weakness, I don't have a broad knowledge of how to blend technology with teaching on an academic basis. I'm stuck in the old ways, which is only learning and researching materials from textbooks. I need to get more familiar with all the interesting sites and apps that the web has to offer for teachers and students. 

My Strengths: 
I'm always open to new information and comfortable with change. Being able to have these strengths will help me become a better educator. It's always important to have an open-mind and be able to be open to change, mainly because the teaching curriculums can change at any moment of time. 

In each of the videos that were provided I was able to learn different tools, apps, and websites that are great to use in the classrooms. In the video Michele Bennett video How to Make An Audio QRCOdeshows how to make a code for a URL, Image, Text, Etc by using the QRCode website. Teachers can read a book to students' which the students can listen and following along in the book. This is a great beginning tool to use for struggling readers' that needs help finding mistakes. Going into the video iPad Centersshows how students' are able to record themselves on an iPad while reading one of their AR books. This strategy will help students' hear for mistakes they made. Also it is a great activity to do in order to see if students' can actually hear for their own mistakes. Listening skills will also be improved with this activity  

Poplet, is another great app that the students' use for project based learning. It helps the students' to stay organized and to also learn how to type. It's also helpful in being able to go back to the recent information that was once searched. Moving forward to the video, Alabama Virtual Library as a Kindergarten Center is a great kid friendly site. This site lets the students safely search for things that they want to know more information about. Their are many more project based learning activities talked about in the video, Build a Board in Discovery Education. "Build a board" is neat for the students' to use that helps them create a board for projects they have to do. Discovery Ed also allows the students to research information, images, and also videos. Surprisingly, it helps the student's stay organized and not lose the information they found previously. 

In Mrs. Tassin's 2nd grade class, the students' seem to really enjoy the project based learning activity. The students had to complete a board builder and present it to the class. It surprised me that the students weren't shy at all. I think that this activity really got the students out of their shell, because they were able to be creative. In the video, Using iMovie and the ABV in Kindergarten it talks about how the kindergartens are able to use iMovie and create book trailers about the books they had read. They add their names, captions, and other sort of materials as well to the iMovie. Following ABV "Alabama Virtual Library",  it's a free site that helps teach students' about basic research. Many sources are available to the students' such as the encyclopedia and library references.  In the video "We All Become Learners", talks about how students' can be teachers and vice versa. Padlet is one of the sites that is used for the project based learning and can also be used for PNL. What majority of the teachers do with Padlet, is use it to post questions in a meeting which the questions will be answered on a board they created from the padlet. With this process, everyone is learning something and what one doesn't know a peer that knows the information will help.

Students holding a sign asking what inspires you to learn

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Project 8 Book Movie

Blog Post #6

What do you learn from these conversations with Anthony Capps?

  In the video, PBL video's it explains how Anthony Capps teach his third grade students' using project based learning. He also explains how he gets his students intrigued about the many projects they do. As an educator. he understands that he has to follow the state standards, but he makes it fun doing so. It's even great that many of the parents' are involved with their students. He also entails that he doesn't want his students' to be limited. He wants them to be well-rounded and surprised about their outcomes. Finally, Project Based Learning involves how students' learn and also what they learn in the end.

PBL Learning

ICurio which is explains in the video iCurio Video is site that is academic friendly for students' to use that is safe for them to look up images and videos. It also help the students' to also stay organized virtually and easy for them to save their materials that they look up. ICurio, also includes digital content that provides teaching from the K-12 curriculum subjects.

ICurio Image

Saturday, September 27, 2014

C4K assignment

La Luna: By Mohammed

  In Mohammed's Blog , Mohammed wrote a descriptive paragraph on the animation La Luna.
He talked about the different rising actions throughout the animation. My comment to Mohammed stated; how he really understood the animation because it was very descriptive. Also how informative his paragraph was to get the readers of the post intrigued.  

LaLuna Image

A Long and Hard Life: By Mikaela

  This post talked about the struggles that a 16 year old girl name Tara endured. For example, her brother battling with bad asthma and also her family rebuilding their shack because it had burned down. It also explains in Mikaela's Blog that her life could be worse and that their are some positive sides in her life, like her being able to be in school. My comment stated that the story was very interesting. Also I like how she gave advantages and disadvantages enduring the hard life.

Kid Blogging

Week 4: By Tori
  In Tori's Blog, it's based off a story that they read in class. She talked about how a girl wanted a pet crocodile but her mom didn't want a new pet. Pepper couldn't decide if she wanted a light up pillow or a crocodile. My comment to Tori was, "great summary and what story was the summary based off of.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blog Post # 5


PLN, better known as personal learning network is a tool that allows educators and administrators to connect with each other globally. Most connections are made through many social medias and blogging sites. The main purpose of PLN is to network and get help from other educators academically. This tool is best for teachers to get their problems solved in a fun way. PLN is for educators that are willing to improve and also to grow as a great educator.

In the site Symbaloo, I organized websites that will be helpful for educators to be able to network globally and to also find other interesting tools and information for problem solving. The many resources I found are fun and will engage many future educators and will also be beneficial to educators now. Pinterest, a great resource to use to find many helpful sites and also information that's teacher friendly. Twitter, a social media site that many educators use to network with other educators. Also it gives many new information daily by going through the newsfeed. Youtube, a great site that has many topics to search for that has multiple videos for them. Educators technology, is an engaging site that has many apps, tools, videos, and blogs that helps with problem solving and to also entertain. Classroom 2.0, is a site that is blogger friendly which is a great way to interact with other educators globally. Their are so many resources that are teacher friendly that's helpful in networking, as an educator it's best to find sites that's suitable.

As for the people that I can network with is my mother, which is a school nurse that interacts with teachers and administrators daily. My Godmother is also a great person for me to network with because she is a 6th grade teacher. Other important people are my advisors and instructors that are helpful in making sure that I grow academically.

Project # 3 Presentation

Project #7 4Movie Part A

My Sentence

My Passion

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Search Engines Project

Search Engine Project

- Here are a few search engines.

1. This site is very education friendly. It is very helpful when you need to know a definition or information for something.

2. Everyone technically knows about this search engine. also uses as their search engine.

3. This search engine is kind of helpful in finding answers to many questions. Also if the question is not found you can post your question and wait for someone to answer it.

4. Wikipedia is a really great search engines, it gives a great deal of information to anything that is being looked up. The only downfall about this search engine is that anyone can add information to the source, which can cause it to be not a creditable source.

5. Yahoo is a really great search engine. You can look up the news, weather, and other valuable information.

6. This search engine reminds me of google. It's also great that images can be looked up as well.

7. Hotbot is a cool looking website. Also it's neat that the weather and location is on the right top hand corner.

8. AOL reminds me of Google search engine. I like the fact that it has quick links that are located under the search box.

C4T #1

Purposeful Silence and Reflection


 In the blog, "Purposeful Silence and Reflection" it gives insight about spiritual healing and the growth that the students endured when taking a trip to a residential outdoor environmental friendly place. This trip was a great experience for the students and a little of a cultural shock to a few. Especially when they were told when they had to leave all electronic devices and materials such as blow driers and straighteners. The teacher push the students to also fight their fears and to succeed at whatever they put in mind to doing. The students gained physical, environmental, personal, and social growth while they were on the trip. What this article is trying to persuade, is that teachers don't have to just teach on an academic standpoint but to teach the value of life itself.

  Purposeful Silence and Reflection:

    - I love the idea about spiritual wellness and pushing the students to succeed. Spiritual wellness is not just about faith and religious belief, but in this case it's more about personal, emotional, environmental and physical growth. Students shouldn't just be taught on an academic standpoint at all times. It's important to teach them the value of life itself and being one with yourself. The trip that the students' went on seems like an awakening for them. It was great that they got away from the city life and distractions and focus more on the important things, like the growth they endured.

Game on (For Everyone)

  - This blog entails some of the changes that need to be made in the way educators teach today. This is a new day in age, and I agree with the ways of teaching shouldn't always be traditional. I definitely think that the paper resonated with me and my belief as becoming an educator. I believe that it's all about the students. It's important to make the necessary changes for a child to learn better and to have fun doing so. I also stand by helping a child develop skills such as: responsibility, positive and open-minded thinking skills, communication skills, and etc. I think those things are important for a child to learn at a young age because it will grow with them as they become adults.

Blog Post #4

Blog Post #4

                   What do we need to know about asking questions to be an effective teacher?


  As an educator, it's important to make sure that the students learn. Asking the student's a question such as , "Do you all understand?" is a question a teacher might ask in order to see if the class is understanding the material that is given. In the article "The Right Way to Ask Questions in the Classroom", entails that asking the question, "Do you understand?", do not necessarily get many responses. If a teacher ask a follow up question that is specific like, "How do we do that?" or "How do we know that's right?" can give the teacher more insight on if the class understands the topic or not. Also the article explains that asking a question that gives a yes or no response is also not a particular good question to ask, because the students can easily guess the correct answer.

 In the video, "Questioning Styles and Strategies" is a great video that shows different ways to see if the students understands the book "Bridge to Terabithia". He asked the students the question, "If they came across Terabithia what would they see and to write it down". This is a really great way to see if the students understand the material independently with no help. I also like the idea of him calling on a student, which the student answer the question that has been asked. After, that student call on another student to answer a question that is given from the teacher. This is also a good method to use to make sure that the students are in tune into what is going on in the classroom.

It is our job as educators to make sure that the students learn. Patience and asking the right questions are the easiest and most important ways to do so. The teaching styles that were given in all the sources that were provided are great for an educator to use to better their teaching styles.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Blog Post 3

                                    How Can You Provide Meaningful Feedback to Your Peers?

  In the two videos and slideshow that was provided, it entails on how to give great feedback when critiquing someone else work. Each of the sources emphasized many of the same materials. Giving compliments, suggestions, and corrections, are the three important factors to use while peer evaluating.

  While giving suggestions it's important to look at the word choice, details, and organization that the peer has used. Also it is very important to be specific and to stay positive when giving the feedback. Evaluating someone's work is a very important process, so it's important that it's done right. In the video, "Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes" is a funny video that sums up what not to do as far as critiquing someones work. This video will be great to show to a fifth grade class, as they start the peer evaluating process.

These sources were great to teach students to peer evaluate better. We as students are the best solution to give our peers positive critiques, as long as it's valuable.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Blog Post 2

                                What Will Teaching in the 21st Century be Like?

1. The central message of this video, is that instructors will lose the attention of students when they are not participating with the lesson. It's interesting that he thought he will actually be able to teach a dance class from just a power point. It's really hard to learn dance moves, by not being able to participate. In his conclusion, he told the student's that he will test them on the material that was taught in the class. I do not agree with his conclusion, he did not give the students a chance to interact physically and he drained them with so much information.
2. I think Robert is trying to inform students and teachers how teaching has changed. Everything  now is being based off using many online sources. Now students have to be more technological literate. Roberts is also trying to convince that students do not always need to be entertained by lessons but be more engaged. Entertainment is passive and engagement is active, which the video entails. Robert really wants the students to be more engaged in learning.

I. What does Creation Mean Today?
   a. blogging
   b. animation
   c. recording
II. How could you gather and discuss data
    a. cellphone
    b. Facebook
    c. online surveys

I think Roberts see education changing as there will be a lack of teachers trying to engage their students. Students will more than likely find answers to materials given from class on the web or from a friend. So, teachers will do less teaching. This change will continue and it hurts the students, because they are losing the experience of being an engaged listener with an instructor. In the end, they will be more entertained by social media and sources from the web.

3. The video shows that being a connected student is not so bad at all. There are many resources and tools to use to help with your lessons. It is interesting to know that some materials can even be listened to through an Ipod. Blogging is also shown to be a great way to interact with people on an educational level. A teacher is still very important because he/she offers guidance to a student when it's necessary. She also will help the student to determine what information is good to collect from different sources.

4. The video explains, that many people network globally. I understand her when she explains how many students learn different ways and by using paper and pencil is not always helpful to many students.

5. I really think that younger kids in this day and age learn things that are given to them easily. It's sad that some know more about technology then their parents. I have a cousin who got his first Ipad at the age five and all on his own he made his own Youtube page and even uploaded videos on his own. It amazes me how smart the younger generation is.

6. Flipping the Classroom is a very good idea to come up with. This helps the students to be prepared to come to class the next day. It also help to get ahead and manage the students time. Also this helps students that normally get behind on different subjects that's taught in class, get a head start.

7. I think what this article is trying to say is that teachers need to be more involved with their students. Being a great teacher is not to just give students the lesson and materials to learn. It is more of being a mentor and empowering students with great wisdom. This action needs to be more in the classrooms, because students sometimes need that extra push and be uplifted daily.

This picture was taking by my parents at my Debutante Ball.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

What about EDM310

Many previous students informed me that this class is a headache with all the work that's required. My fear about EDM 310 is not making an A out of the class. EDM 310 has no comparison to other classes I have taken. Time management will be the most difficult thing for this class, but I think by doing the work the day that it's given will help a lot. I'm sure that at the end of the semester, I will have learned so many interesting tools that will be useful for my journey to become a great educator. Looking at the past couple of weeks, I've actually had fun with this class. I'm sure that EDM 310 will turn out great for me and I'm looking forward to the many projects their is to come. 

Passionate Image


This image shows a woman mentoring young kids. I'm passionate in mentoring young kids and teens, which inspiring me to own a Non-Profit Organization mentoring young kids. This image can be at found;

Practice Blog Post

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Hello, my name is Porscha Sellers from Suffolk Virginia. I consider my parents as the backbone of my life. They are the type of parents that most will consider as, having tough love. Even through that tough love, they always had an input about the decisions I made. That reason alone made me choose South, I wanted a fresh start and also to be an adult. I decided to major in Elementary Education because I always wanted to be there for young kids and to get a chance to change their lives educationally. I think that an educator is someone that has the ability and the love of helping someone grow and develop at an academic stand point. What I think an educator entails in the 21st century, is in teaching students of how to sustain a great job. I consider myself as being a great listener and given good advice. I just wish that one day I could be more outgoing and adventurous.