Saturday, August 23, 2014

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Hello, my name is Porscha Sellers from Suffolk Virginia. I consider my parents as the backbone of my life. They are the type of parents that most will consider as, having tough love. Even through that tough love, they always had an input about the decisions I made. That reason alone made me choose South, I wanted a fresh start and also to be an adult. I decided to major in Elementary Education because I always wanted to be there for young kids and to get a chance to change their lives educationally. I think that an educator is someone that has the ability and the love of helping someone grow and develop at an academic stand point. What I think an educator entails in the 21st century, is in teaching students of how to sustain a great job. I consider myself as being a great listener and given good advice. I just wish that one day I could be more outgoing and adventurous.

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