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Blog Post 11

What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning From These Teachers?

Throughout the videos that have been provided, their is much information to learn from these educators. 

"Back To The Future", is a video that educator Brian Crosby talks about what goes on in his class and how he teaches differently from the past. Crosby, gives many great examples of project based learning. He doesn't believe his students should be limited. This goes on to the story about one of his students having leukemia. Many of the administrators explained to him about how the little girl gets very ill when she comes to school due to her weak immune system and she will be unattended majority of the time. Mr. Crosby knew that it was another way to solve the problem and to not let the little girl be left out from class participation. His idea was to Skype the student daily during class time to get her involved, the idea was a success and the student was motivated. He talked about not having students be raced through school but to give them the opportunity. The student's in his class also blog and write stories daily, which builds their writing skills. It's so much that educators/future educators can learn from Mr. Crosby because he strongly believes in honoring the students and making sure they learn.

In the "Blended Learning Cycle" video, Paul Anderson talks about what Blended Learning Cycle is about and how he use it towards science projects. Moving forward, Blended Learning Cycle is taking the compelling parts of online, mobile, and classroom learning; blended together in the classroom. The learning cycle consists of the "5 E's", which are Engage, Expand, Evaluate, Explore and Explain. He also talks about the six parts to Mind Blended Learning steps , which are Question, Investigate/Inquiry, Video, Elaboration, Review and Summary/Quiz. Paul way of teaching is to get his students to think and to reflect and interpret what they have learned, which is a great way to see if the student is successful with the lesson.

"Making Thinking Visible"

In this video, Mark Church make the students think and elaborate on what they have learned. The students watched a video about early human beginnings, which is the topic they are to talk about. The students are split into small groups and they are asked to write a headline about what they've learned. After the headlines are completed they are to present them and it will be hung around the classroom. This gives the students the opportunity to work in groups and to also be creative.

"Super Digital Citizen"

Sam Pane, a 5th grade teacher talks about how to be "A Good Digital Citizen". "A Good Digital Citizen", is when a person research materials safely on the web. First off, he gets his students motivated by telling them a quote from spider man; which is "With great power comes great responsibility". He explained to them that they are responsible for researching through the web safely. He came up with a project, which the students had to create a superhero that showed ways of not being "A Good Digital Citizen". The students were then asked to do a Gallery Walk, which they walk around each student project to see their ideas. This also gives them more ideas on being safe on the web as well. Sam also talks about how he likes when a project is more about the students because it makes it more meaningful to them. It was also neat that each student had their on individual MacBook. Sam teaching makes the students more intrigued and creative. He makes the students think on their own without limiting them.

"Project Based Learning"
In this video it talks about 3 teachers blending History and English together using Project Based Learning. This gives a way for the students to have deeper understanding and to be more engaged. By doing this the teachers were able to make the classes longer, which helps the teachers teach more materials and to make sure the students review and understand each project/assignment they are given. The extended time also gives the opportunity to blend ideas, get deeper into learning, and the teachers to give quality feedback to the students. Students are able to make their projects better and have a longer time to go deeper into the project to bring out more ideas. The students are also able to learn more then just their curriculum, they are able to learn about life lessons and understanding about what goes on in their country. I like the ideas that each teacher gives, which will help students to not rush assignments/projects that they are given. It makes them see it more meaningful and relatable.

"Roosevelt Elementary"

In this video it talks about how the teachers of Roosevelt Elementary blend Project Based Learning with their curriculum. Many of the teachers and parents liked that the students are able to learn how to work in groups, which can build their social skills that they will need throughout life. The students are willing and excited to learn because their lessons are more relatable to real life experiences. It's also great that the community and parents are all involved in the growth of the students. I like Project Based Learning because it helps the students to make their lesson more meaningful to them and they are able to be creative.

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