Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog Post 13

What Did I Leave Out? 


What are some advices and tips that future educators can use to become successful in their career?

Go through the sites and videos that I've provided for you and talk about some of the advices and tips that you will use and how it will help in your blog post.

Sites & Videos:

 "Student Teaching Tips & Advice"

"How To Be An Excellent Teacher"

"What Makes Great Teachers"

Also in your post explain new advices and tips that you will give educators to use for there classroom.

In the "Student Teaching Tips & Advice" site it gives many advices and tips to become a great educator. Teachers should be original and unique. Students will get tired of learning the same way and also doing the same old activities. Teachers needs to also know how to have fun when giving their lessons. If a teacher is not excited about teaching, why should a child be excited about learning. It's important to think about what the students in your class likes and how you will include it in your daily activities.

In "How To Be An Excellent Teacher" video she also explains ways to be an excellent teacher. Some of the advices she gives are:
                                          (1). Be Relaxed
                                          (2). Set Goals
                                          (3). Creative
                                          (4). Demonstrate Empathy

In " What Makes Great Teachers" video, a news reporter show what goes on in elementary classrooms and how teachers get their students motivated. The teachers go over their lessons by using real-life experiences and they also teach the students in a way that's fun.


  1. Hey Porscha, you have a excellent blog post! I love how you incorporate the three videos inside your post! I feel the videos demonstrate some remarkable characteristics of,"What Makes a Great Teacher!" I also agree when you mentioned that teachers should be unique as well! I feel everyone must have their own special way of engaging their students. Students should be excited to learn and as future educators its our job to teach so that the students would be excited to learn! I hope to read more of your posts! This one is excellent!

  2. Porscha,
    Good blog post just a few grammar errors. You had great points on "What Makes A Great Teacher". I think it helps when teachers use real life experiences to teach because the students can relate and it gets them more involved!