Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blog Post #6

What do you learn from these conversations with Anthony Capps?

  In the video, PBL video's it explains how Anthony Capps teach his third grade students' using project based learning. He also explains how he gets his students intrigued about the many projects they do. As an educator. he understands that he has to follow the state standards, but he makes it fun doing so. It's even great that many of the parents' are involved with their students. He also entails that he doesn't want his students' to be limited. He wants them to be well-rounded and surprised about their outcomes. Finally, Project Based Learning involves how students' learn and also what they learn in the end.

PBL Learning

ICurio which is explains in the video iCurio Video is site that is academic friendly for students' to use that is safe for them to look up images and videos. It also help the students' to also stay organized virtually and easy for them to save their materials that they look up. ICurio, also includes digital content that provides teaching from the K-12 curriculum subjects.

ICurio Image


  1. Hey Porscha,
    I enjoyed reading your blog post this week ! I also think Anthony had some good teaching points. I'm excited to use Icurio in the future. Will look forward to reading your blog In the future.