Saturday, September 27, 2014

C4K assignment

La Luna: By Mohammed

  In Mohammed's Blog , Mohammed wrote a descriptive paragraph on the animation La Luna.
He talked about the different rising actions throughout the animation. My comment to Mohammed stated; how he really understood the animation because it was very descriptive. Also how informative his paragraph was to get the readers of the post intrigued.  

LaLuna Image

A Long and Hard Life: By Mikaela

  This post talked about the struggles that a 16 year old girl name Tara endured. For example, her brother battling with bad asthma and also her family rebuilding their shack because it had burned down. It also explains in Mikaela's Blog that her life could be worse and that their are some positive sides in her life, like her being able to be in school. My comment stated that the story was very interesting. Also I like how she gave advantages and disadvantages enduring the hard life.

Kid Blogging

Week 4: By Tori
  In Tori's Blog, it's based off a story that they read in class. She talked about how a girl wanted a pet crocodile but her mom didn't want a new pet. Pepper couldn't decide if she wanted a light up pillow or a crocodile. My comment to Tori was, "great summary and what story was the summary based off of.

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