Saturday, August 30, 2014

Blog Post 2

                                What Will Teaching in the 21st Century be Like?

1. The central message of this video, is that instructors will lose the attention of students when they are not participating with the lesson. It's interesting that he thought he will actually be able to teach a dance class from just a power point. It's really hard to learn dance moves, by not being able to participate. In his conclusion, he told the student's that he will test them on the material that was taught in the class. I do not agree with his conclusion, he did not give the students a chance to interact physically and he drained them with so much information.
2. I think Robert is trying to inform students and teachers how teaching has changed. Everything  now is being based off using many online sources. Now students have to be more technological literate. Roberts is also trying to convince that students do not always need to be entertained by lessons but be more engaged. Entertainment is passive and engagement is active, which the video entails. Robert really wants the students to be more engaged in learning.

I. What does Creation Mean Today?
   a. blogging
   b. animation
   c. recording
II. How could you gather and discuss data
    a. cellphone
    b. Facebook
    c. online surveys

I think Roberts see education changing as there will be a lack of teachers trying to engage their students. Students will more than likely find answers to materials given from class on the web or from a friend. So, teachers will do less teaching. This change will continue and it hurts the students, because they are losing the experience of being an engaged listener with an instructor. In the end, they will be more entertained by social media and sources from the web.

3. The video shows that being a connected student is not so bad at all. There are many resources and tools to use to help with your lessons. It is interesting to know that some materials can even be listened to through an Ipod. Blogging is also shown to be a great way to interact with people on an educational level. A teacher is still very important because he/she offers guidance to a student when it's necessary. She also will help the student to determine what information is good to collect from different sources.

4. The video explains, that many people network globally. I understand her when she explains how many students learn different ways and by using paper and pencil is not always helpful to many students.

5. I really think that younger kids in this day and age learn things that are given to them easily. It's sad that some know more about technology then their parents. I have a cousin who got his first Ipad at the age five and all on his own he made his own Youtube page and even uploaded videos on his own. It amazes me how smart the younger generation is.

6. Flipping the Classroom is a very good idea to come up with. This helps the students to be prepared to come to class the next day. It also help to get ahead and manage the students time. Also this helps students that normally get behind on different subjects that's taught in class, get a head start.

7. I think what this article is trying to say is that teachers need to be more involved with their students. Being a great teacher is not to just give students the lesson and materials to learn. It is more of being a mentor and empowering students with great wisdom. This action needs to be more in the classrooms, because students sometimes need that extra push and be uplifted daily.

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  1. Teachers have to be willing to conform to the ideals of 21st technology. I agree, as most educators would, that students have to be engaged listeners to learn anything. If we (future educators) learn how to keep students engaged, we could change the face of education. We may be able to increase the graduation rates which would help our state and country out so much. How would you go about teaching your students how to be engaged listeners and learners? Would you teach your students how to look up information in the library before teaching them how to on the internet?
    I also want to commend your #7. I feel that your comment should go for all teachers not just PE teachers and coaches. Being a mentor and letting students know that they have someone to trust no matter their home situation.

  2. " ...will lose many students attention…" students', not students It would be even better if written tis way: will lose the attention of many students

    "Now students have to be more technological literate. Robert is also trying to inform that students do not always need to be entertained by lessons but be more engaged." Roberts, not Robert; convince his audience, not inform

    "I think Robert see education changing as their will be a lack of teachers trying to engage their students." Roberts, not Robert; there, not their

    "Students will more then likely find answers…" than, not then

    " hurts the students, because they are losing that experience with being an engaged listener with an instructor. " Awkward. the experience of, not that experience with

    "The purpose of this video propose that…" What?

    "It is so many resources and tools to use…" There are, not It is

    "The video entails, that many people network globally." Entails is not the correct word to use here. Look it up in the dictionary. What do you want to say?

    "In the video it also explains that many areas that we wouldn't think to blog and to even be technology friendly, actually have these networks as their base learning systems." I do not understand what you mean.

    "I understand her, when…" Omit the comma.

    "This help the students…" helps, not help

    "I think what this article is trying to say that teachers…" You need is before that.

    Your writing needs a great deal of improvement. Although I am not going to mandate that you go to the Writing Center yet, it would nevertheless be a good idea.