Sunday, October 12, 2014

Implications and Teaching Opportunities for Camera Use in Teaching and Learning.

Implications and Teaching Opportunities for Camera Use in Teaching and Learning.


In the recent study in, Zogby Analytics shows how technology changed in time. As far as the difference in technology today, many people are able to do much more with it. I think that many people will comply that smartphones rule the world today. Smartphones has also went up in sells tremendously since the early 2000's, more than computers. With the new and approve apps that are available to smartphone users, it allows them to do many things as to not needing a camera and or computer.

With students' and teachers' having the use of technology such as: smartphones, iPads, and cameras makes them be more creative with lessons that are given.  I think that the students' are more technology friendly than the teachers. This will create teachers as being learners as well. Students' and teachers' can also network with many people through their smartphones. One of the many things that I use from my Smartphone, is emailing. I think by far, emailing from a phone is the most convenient tool that was created. Meanwhile their are many more resourceful tools to get the students going through education.


A smartphone can be used in many ways besides talking on it. Educationally, smartphones and also iPads have been blended in the curriculum throughout the school systems. Students' are able to do projects on an iPad while also researching materials as well. They can do many screenshots and take pictures on both resources to go into any lessons that are given. The students' can also create book trailers on an AR book they are reading. I think this project will help the students' retain the information better in order to pass their AR test. Their are many other activities and lessons that the teachers' can provide for the students' blending technology.

Students' Using Technology in the Classroom

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