Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Post #14

List of  Problems

  •  Unqualified Teacher recommendation more programs to educate teachers 
  • Seniority Distraction  recommendation promote on efficiency rather then seniority
I agree with Albert Shanker unqualified teachers is a problem in the United States. I think he nailed it on the head when he stated that we need to hold our educators to the high standards that we set for professions such as a doctor or lawyer. If America had more programs to educate and prepare  teachers before becoming full-time educators, they are able to prepare students for life. Also, if America had these programs there will be fewer than "23 states boast a single program that provides solid math preparation  resembling the practices of high-performing nations."

The Seniority distraction has plagued our education system long enough. I think seniority obligation is a problem. As Mr. Albert Shanker point out, if there were lay-offs the decision to let go of a teacher will not be based on their effectiveness to expand the mind of their students to become critical thinkers. I also think that seniority is a distraction because just as in college some educators become lackadaisical once they reach tenure because they have job security. If we have a system that rewards are educators for effectiveness, I think America can become #1 again in math and science.

In Conclusion:

Having a educator that are prepared to teach children is important. Teachers mold children into becoming leaders and help them grow. It's important for an educator to be able to understand a child mind and uplift them in a time of need.



"NCTQ Teacher Prep"

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