Sunday, September 14, 2014

C4T #1

Purposeful Silence and Reflection


 In the blog, "Purposeful Silence and Reflection" it gives insight about spiritual healing and the growth that the students endured when taking a trip to a residential outdoor environmental friendly place. This trip was a great experience for the students and a little of a cultural shock to a few. Especially when they were told when they had to leave all electronic devices and materials such as blow driers and straighteners. The teacher push the students to also fight their fears and to succeed at whatever they put in mind to doing. The students gained physical, environmental, personal, and social growth while they were on the trip. What this article is trying to persuade, is that teachers don't have to just teach on an academic standpoint but to teach the value of life itself.

  Purposeful Silence and Reflection:

    - I love the idea about spiritual wellness and pushing the students to succeed. Spiritual wellness is not just about faith and religious belief, but in this case it's more about personal, emotional, environmental and physical growth. Students shouldn't just be taught on an academic standpoint at all times. It's important to teach them the value of life itself and being one with yourself. The trip that the students' went on seems like an awakening for them. It was great that they got away from the city life and distractions and focus more on the important things, like the growth they endured.

Game on (For Everyone)

  - This blog entails some of the changes that need to be made in the way educators teach today. This is a new day in age, and I agree with the ways of teaching shouldn't always be traditional. I definitely think that the paper resonated with me and my belief as becoming an educator. I believe that it's all about the students. It's important to make the necessary changes for a child to learn better and to have fun doing so. I also stand by helping a child develop skills such as: responsibility, positive and open-minded thinking skills, communication skills, and etc. I think those things are important for a child to learn at a young age because it will grow with them as they become adults.

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