Sunday, September 14, 2014

Search Engines Project

Search Engine Project

- Here are a few search engines.

1. This site is very education friendly. It is very helpful when you need to know a definition or information for something.

2. Everyone technically knows about this search engine. also uses as their search engine.

3. This search engine is kind of helpful in finding answers to many questions. Also if the question is not found you can post your question and wait for someone to answer it.

4. Wikipedia is a really great search engines, it gives a great deal of information to anything that is being looked up. The only downfall about this search engine is that anyone can add information to the source, which can cause it to be not a creditable source.

5. Yahoo is a really great search engine. You can look up the news, weather, and other valuable information.

6. This search engine reminds me of google. It's also great that images can be looked up as well.

7. Hotbot is a cool looking website. Also it's neat that the weather and location is on the right top hand corner.

8. AOL reminds me of Google search engine. I like the fact that it has quick links that are located under the search box.

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