Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blog Post 10

What Can We Learn From Mrs. Cassidy?

In the video "Little Kids, Big Potential", Mrs. Cassidy shows what goes on in her classroom through technology. The students are able to network and blend many lessons by working with the class computers. Daily, the students post what they have done in class through their blogs. The family members and also friends of the students, post comments on many posts that the students have. Mrs. Cassidy taught the students to write meaningful and nice comments to their peers as well. Through this, the students are able to construct wikis and learn meaningful information during their wiki project. Another fun project that the students' are able to do, is use Skype to chat with other students and teachers around the world. The student's of Mrs. Cassidy class seems to enjoy the creative way they are able to learn.

In the video "Cassidy 13 Part1", "technology is here to stay", is the quote that Mrs. Cassidy used the most. She explain that around ten years ago is when she started blending technology with her classroom curriculum. As years went on, she went from just having a webpage alone to having a class blog and using many other programs in her class. It's important to her that as an educator, we shouldn't limit students to what was taught many years ago. She believes that all teachers should be technologically literate and to have a diverse teaching base. Parents also have an advantage with students working on computers. Such as, the parents being able to keep track of what their child is doing and to also see how well they are improving their writing skills. The students love that they get to Skype with student's from Universities and know that someone is actually looking at what they have posted on blogs.

"Mrs. Cassidy Interview Part 2"

Mrs. Cassidy stress the importance of Personal Learning Networks in this video. Benefits of having social medias as an educator, such as: Twitter, and more.
 (1). Learning about other useful programs for the classroom
 (2). Getting answer to things you do not know
 (3). Meeting other educators around the world
 (4). Helping other upcoming educators
 (5) Getting tips on how to teach certain lessons in the classroom

"Mrs. Cassidy Interview Part3"

In this video, previous students from EDM 310 asked Mrs. Cassidy questions. One of the questions that was asked, "is how do Mrs. Cassidy keep the students safe from looking at materials other than for education. In her answer, she explained how she keeps the students safe by not letting them post their last name and as well as images of themselves. She also gives proper instructions of what the students should click on or go to, to do their lessons.

Everything that Mrs. Cassidy went over and how she teaches was useful information. I like how the students are able to set up wikis. Which will be a project that I will consider giving my students in my future class. By them being able to learn information on their own through their wiki projects is very useful. Blogging is another fun activity that I will give my students. They will be able to network with many other students and also their peers, which will be fun to them. Proper instructions, guidance, and getting the parents involved will make these activities have a positive outcome for the students and also myself as an educator.


  1. "Meeting other educators around the learn" What? Maybe world, not learn.

    Thoughtful. Interesting.

  2. Great thoughts! Your links and ALT modifier work great. I also think that students will love blogging!