Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blog Post # 5


PLN, better known as personal learning network is a tool that allows educators and administrators to connect with each other globally. Most connections are made through many social medias and blogging sites. The main purpose of PLN is to network and get help from other educators academically. This tool is best for teachers to get their problems solved in a fun way. PLN is for educators that are willing to improve and also to grow as a great educator.

In the site Symbaloo, I organized websites that will be helpful for educators to be able to network globally and to also find other interesting tools and information for problem solving. The many resources I found are fun and will engage many future educators and will also be beneficial to educators now. Pinterest, a great resource to use to find many helpful sites and also information that's teacher friendly. Twitter, a social media site that many educators use to network with other educators. Also it gives many new information daily by going through the newsfeed. Youtube, a great site that has many topics to search for that has multiple videos for them. Educators technology, is an engaging site that has many apps, tools, videos, and blogs that helps with problem solving and to also entertain. Classroom 2.0, is a site that is blogger friendly which is a great way to interact with other educators globally. Their are so many resources that are teacher friendly that's helpful in networking, as an educator it's best to find sites that's suitable.

As for the people that I can network with is my mother, which is a school nurse that interacts with teachers and administrators daily. My Godmother is also a great person for me to network with because she is a 6th grade teacher. Other important people are my advisors and instructors that are helpful in making sure that I grow academically.

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  1. You can also follow C4T teachers as well as C4K teachers.